by Equisupreme
R 1,671.95
Equisupreme Anabolic is the perfect body builder for the equine athlete, maintaining the bodys peak performance under stress. It contains Creatine, a nutrient found naturally in the body, which bonds with phosphoric acid to form the high energy compound creatine phosphate. This energy rich compound keeps muscles working at maximum output for longer, improving performance during high-intensity exercise. Muscle building amino acids are also included. Methionine is an essential sulphur source, contributes to the synthesis of creatine and is essential for optimum growth and nitrogen balance in tissues. Aspartic acid increases resistance to fatigue and increases endurance. It also promotes the release of growth hormone. Glycine aids rehydration in combination with glucose. Glutamic acid is essential for protein synthesis, needed for the growth and repair of all tissue. Glutamine is directly involved in the regulation of protein synthesis while Arginine contributes to protein synthesis with its nitrogen retention ability. In addition it also facilitates mass gain while limiting fat storage. This supplement has no withdrawal period and is safe for pregnant and lactating mares.

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