Breathe Ease 1.5kg

by Honeyvale Herbs
R 590.00

BreatheEase is a pure blend of herbs traditionally used to assist in:
• Prevention and relief from respiratory allergies
• Soothing coughs
• Mucus expulsion

Ingredient Statement:
Liquorice root, Elecampane root, Marshmallow root and leaf, Garlic, Aniseed, Nettle and Rosehips.
(Caffeoymaleicacid & Chlorogenicacid 3g/kg)

Directions for use:

The following suggested dosages should not be exceeded. Mix into daily food.
4 ½ scoops (30-35g/112.5ml) daily

3 scoops (20g/75ml) daily

Do not feed to foals under 6 months or to pregnant mares.
Consult your veterinarian on the combined use of the product with other medicines as there may be possible interactions that could affect the efficacy of the treatment.

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