Chamomile Flowers 500g

by Honeyvale Herbs
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Chamomile Traditional Uses:

• An aid in relaxing and calming
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• As a supportive for digestive disorders
• May help to prevent and relieve scouring related to over-excitability
• To provide symptomatic support for skin and respiratory allergies
• As an anti-bacterial

Directions for use:

The following suggested dosages should not be exceeded. Mixed into daily food.

1 large handful in feed daily (approx 10-12g)

½ handful in feed daily (approx 6g)

Dogs and Cats:
½ to 1 teaspoon per 500g of food

Pigeons & Poultry:
Up to 2% of daily grain feed. Mix well into feed together with a little vegetable oil.

Chamomile may induce abortions -do not feed to pregnant animals. Certain rare individuals may be hypersensitive to Chamomile, if any negative reaction is seen, discontinue use immediately. Chamomile has a blood thinning action, therefore it is not recommended for use in pets taking prescription anti-coagulant drugs.

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