Dutch Gag Waterford bit

by Castano Equestrian Equipment
R 580.00

This bit has a mouthpiece with multiple links and three extra rings on the bit rings. Each link, whilst interlinked and smooth to the touch, is irregular in shape; the horse finds this interesting and pleasant.

With the cheekpiece attached to the top ring and the rein on either of the bottom two rings, this gag offers an interesting solution to strong yet sensitive mouthed horses.

Attaching the reins to the bottom ring creates more leverage, increasing poll pressure and encouraging the horse to lower the head. The sweet iron strips promote salivation, improving tongue mobility and softness of the jaw. 


  • Mouthpiece Material: Stainless steel. Sweet iron strips.
  • Mouthpiece Type: Waterford.
  • Cheekpiece Material: Stainless steel.
  • Cheekpiece Type: Dutch gag.
  • Snaffle Ring Diameter: 7cm.
  • Cheekpiece length: 18cm.
  • Curb Chain Included: N/A.
  • Action: Bars of the mouth, corners of the mouth, tongue pressure, poll pressure.

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