by Ecovet
R 241.50

ECO-LIVER is an oral homeopathic medicine which helps acts as a liver tonic to help support healthy liver function.

ECO-LIVER can be used as an adjuvant to:

  • Help support treatment of liver diseases in animals
  • Help promote drainage of toxins from the liver
  • Help relieve constipation and flatulence
  • Help stimulate appetite
  • Help shorten convalescence and promote recovery from exercise.

ECO-LIVER can also be used as a universal support tonic for hard-working animals to help prepare for strenuous exercise and to promote recovery after work or an athletic performance.


ECO-ANAEMIA For low blood counts

ECO-NEPH For kidney support

ECO-COLIC For abdominal pain and colic

ECO-ULCER For excessive flatulence

ECO-HEAL For additional anti-inflammatory support

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