Elastoplast Bandage

by Castano Equestrian Equipment
R 36.54

Elastoplast bandage is ideal for emergency wound care and joint support. Effortlessly wraps around injured areas and eliminates the need for fastenings.

The bandage is perfect for use as a final ‘over the top’ dressing. Use it to protect softer wound dressings and keep medication in place.

In addition, Elastoplast can be used to keep a hoof poultice in place and will help to relieve contact sensitivity on injured areas.

Elastoplast bandage is designed with a sticky backing, allowing the bandage to stick to itself or a wound dressing.

There is no need to use time consuming clips or ties to keep the bandage in place.



  • Provides compression & support.
  • Eliminates the need for clips & ties.
  • Protects wound dressing & medication.
  • Long-lasting bandage layer.
  • 25mm, 50mm & 75mm bandage width.

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