Elite Stirrup Irons

by Equi-Tek
R 4,497.65
The Elite Stirrup Iron from Equi-Tek is a multi-faceted safety iron that extends
tremendous benefits to the competitive rider.
Shock absorbing
The Elite is equipped with Elastomer suspension that reduces impact from high
intensity movements and provides relief to the rider.
Safety release stirrup
In the event of a fall, the outer arms of the Elite are designed to open under pressure
from the rider’s foot and weight, setting the foot free and reducing the risk of injury.
Anti-slip, adjustable grip system
The offset, skewed stirrup leather slot and angled foot bed aids a correct leg position
and balance. In addition, the foot bed is equipped with six grip spikes which can be
raised for extra foot security.
Resistant materials
The Elite is hot forged and threaded to prevent oxidation, increasing the strength and
longevity of the stirrups. An extra PVC coating enables the irons to be more wear resistant.
Personalise your Elite Stirrup Irons
Make them your own! Change the magnetic colour strips on your irons with your outfit
and mood. Available separately in Grey, Black and Blue.
Stirrup weight (pair): 1.2kg
Size: 12cm wide
Available in Silver, Anthracite Grey, Blue and Rose Gold
Designed and licensed under the great Ikonic brand from Belgium.

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