Hoof Varnish Spray

by Aktiv Equine
R 212.18
The Aktiv Equine show preparation range is specially developed to provide horse owners with high quality products that are both effective and easy to use - ensuring your horses show turnout and preparation is always a pleasure. 

Aktiv Equine Hoof Varnish Spray is an aerosol based hoof varnish that provides the perfect shine for your horses hooves on show day. 

Directions for use: Ensure the outer wall of the hoof is clean and dry. Spray the hoof varnish evenly over the hoof wall starting at one end of the heel and ending at the opposite heel. Avoid overspray of the hair covering the coronet band. Always keep the canister upright during application. After allowing 5 minutes to dry, a second coat can be applied if required. 

Colours: Black and Clear. Sizes: 150ml.

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