Nu Angle Standard Stirrup Irons

by Nu Angle
R 2,535.00

Improve stability & balance with the Nu Angle Standard Stirrup Irons. The angled tread and wide footbed provides great foot support & a lower centre of gravity.

Your heel will naturally sink lower with the angled tread. This effortlessly gives you a more independent balance and better stability in the saddle.

Drawing you closer to the horse also allows you to move with the horse more easily. Perfect for sitting securely when a horse shies or spooks unexpectedly.

In addition, the light-weight aluminium material not only ensures a safe and secure stirrup, but also provides a classy finish.

The alumimium material has been subjected to rigorous SABS testing, ensuring it holds up under extreme conditions and guarantees riders’ safety.



  • Bolted angled stirrup footbed.
  • Relaxed heel down foot position.
  • Improved lower leg stability.
  • Improved rider balance.
  • Lower center of gravity.
  • Light-weight & SABS tested.

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