Omega Oil 2l

by Aktiv Equine
R 439.88

Aktiv Equine is a pharmaceutically developed horse care range, providing the horse with the support it needs to live well and be healthy.

Omega Oil is an Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid supplement for horses. This ‘super oil’ contains a combination of Canola/Flaxseed Oil, Soya/Evening Of Primrose Oil and Corn Oil.

As a conditioning supplement, Omega oil helps to maintain a horse’s healthy skin and coat, and aids the control of inflammation in the horse’s body, including post exercise soreness.

Recommended feeding of 60ml per horse per day.

Also available in 5l (VITA1214).

Sizes: 2l.


Guaranteed Analysis g/l
Oils 98.8 ml
Linoleic Acid 27 900 mcml
Gamma Linoleic Acid 80 mcml
Alpha Linoleic Acid 14 500 mcml

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