Pro Pony Jump Hart

by Wintec
R 16,750.00

The Wintec Pro Jump Hart saddle will help you feel balanced and in control as you confidently tackle jumping with your pony!

The super-soft deep seat provides the ideal amount of grip to support your balance without restricting movement.

Your leg will easily find a natural groove and the contact and communication with your pony will become effortless.

For your pony the super soft panels enhance comfort and freedom of movement, hugging their unique conformation and leaving them free to fly over a course of jumps.


  • QUICK-CHANGE girth point system.
  • CAIR cushion system.
  • Easy-Change fit solution.
  • Elastiflex ergonomic saddle tree.
  • Ergonomic stirrup bar.
  • Super-soft deep seat.
  • Adjustable Flexibloc system (rear Flexibloc).
  • Weight: approximately 4.5kg.

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