Pure Magnesium Oxide 1kg

by Herbal Horse
R 252.22
Herbal Pure Magnesium Oxide is a natural horse and pet feed supplement containing 48% pure available Magnesium.  Animals with a Magnesium deficiency might show symptoms such as muscle weakness, nervousness or tremors. 

Contents: Magnesium Oxide providing 7 200mg Magnesium per 15g scoop. 

Dosage (daily amount): 
Small pets < 10kg - ½ tsp 
Average pets 10 - 20kg - 1 level tsp 
Large pets 20 - 40kg - 1 heaped tsp (5g) 
Giant breeds > 40kg - 2 heaped tsps. (10g) 
Ponies - 9 grams (15ml) 
Horses - 15 grams (25ml) 

A 1kg pack will last two horses one month.

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