Quick Knot Deluxe

by HesTek
R 385.47

Quick Knot Deluxe® standard is ideal for manes of normal thickness. For extra thick manes, the Quick Knot Deluxe® XL is recommended. Designed with a special top that provides a good grip on a plait. Extremely easy to use. Fast and easily achievable professional results. Easy to remove and re-useable – simply bend the end straight and pull out the clip above the plait.


  • Size: Standard
  • Length: 4 centimeter
  • Contents: 35 pieces
  • Material: Plastic and metal components
  • Packaging: Resealable

The Quick Knot Deluxe® works as follows:

  • Braids sections of mane with the desired thickness and secure with an elastic.
  • Roll up the braid until it forms a correctly shaped plait.
  • Push the Quick Knot through the plait from top to bottom.
  • Ensure the pin of the clip is in the centre of the plait.
  • Fold the pin of the clip up and around the plait.
  • To remove the Quick Knot, straighten the pin.
  • Pull the Quick Knot out of the plait from above.

The Quick Knot Deluxe® offers many advantages for grooms and horses:

  • Mane clips featuring unique tops.
  • Provides good grip of the plait.
  • Re-usable when used & stored correctly.
  • No trapped hair when removing the clip.
  • Produce a professional finish quickly and easily.
  • Can be used whether you are experienced or inexperienced at plaiting and turnout.

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