Saddle DT Jump Claudia 17"

by Butterfly
R 38,232.04

The vertically and horisontally moveable hinges of the saddle tree at withers and shoulder makes the adaption to the horse's movements possible - from walk up to the highest collection. No conventional gullet plater at the pommel anymore. The remaining "reinforcing bar" cannot exert pressure on the withers. The system of saddle tree makes it possible to saddle almost every kind of horse, differences in shape get compensated by the flexibility.


Flocking adjustments are no longer necessary. the system offers comfortable freedom of shoulder and withers and prevents from painful pressure points at the thoracic trapezius. The rider enjoys a "Close-Contact-Seat". The system of saddle tree increases forward movement and cadence.

All metal parts are made of high quality steel. The curved stirrup bars are maintenance free. The billets are made from tear-proof material. 


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