Sheepskin Corrector Back pad with Pockets

by Genuine Sherpa
R 2,665.00
The Genuine Sherpa II Corrector saddle pad features a sheepskin lining with rolled front and back edges to effectively cushion your horses back, absorbing shock and protecting it against bruising, pressure sores and chafing. The sheepskin is breathable and wicks moisture away from the horses skin while promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation to keep your horse comfortable during training and competition. In addition the saddle pad features a spinal seam section without sheepskin. This reduces bulk on the horses sensitive spinal area, alleviating pressure and ensuring your horse remains comfortable throughout your ride. Fit customisation is achieved through the addition of four pockets positioned on either side of the spinal seam. This allows the rider to add or remove additional padding as needed. A very useful feature as horses rarely maintain the exact same shape throughout the year due to training levels and competition. Each pocket comes with 3 pre-cut and shaped felt pads, ensuring easy fit customisation is possible at a moments notice. Finished with Velcro adjustable girth retaining straps to ensure a secure fit at all times.

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