Siena Jumping Stirrups

by Tech Stirrup
R 2,880.00

This latest jumping & cross country Tech Stirrup Siena Jumping Stirrups features a superior grip patented system.  The stirrup tread inclines at a 4° angle to ensure the rider the best possible grip.  These were the first stirrups on the market to have such a slope.

The stirrup leather loop itself has been conceived so to keep the stirrup in a position so that the rider is able to simplify foot repositioning in cases where grip is lost.

The Tech Stirrup Siena Jumping Stirrups are patented stirrups that are 100% made in Italy.  Tech Stirrups Siena are made from Aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.

The patented grip has been conceived to maintain adherence even in cases of poor support.  Also, it is a long-lasting product thanks to the stirrups’ shape.

Available colours: Silver, Black, Brown, Titanium, Rose Gold

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