Spur Guard

by Castano
R 1,854.03

Fully elastic, breathable and durable waist belt to prevent chafing in the contact surface of the riders leg. It provides ideal protection for horses with sensitive skin or shaved horses prone to hair breakage / chafing in the calf and / or spurs
The spur guard closes under the belly wide Velcro closure, width individually adjustable and the underside of the velcro fastener is padded with soft synthetic fur
There are four velcro straps for fixation on the girth. The spur guard can be fixed by support directly on horseback or between saddle pad and saddle. The spur guard must not be used with sharp spurs. It is machine washable at 30 ° C
The size should be chosen so that the abdominal protector fits tightly with stretched material

Width: 35cm


  • Pony
  • X-Large

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