by Coopers
R 562.43
Coopers Supadip is an excellent remedy for the control of ectoparasites on cattle, horses, sheep, goats and dogs. The dip helps in controlling various types of external parasites on horses, dogs, sheep, goats and cattle. It effectively controls mange, ticks and lice on cattle. The spray formulation treats ticks on horses. Supadip helps in preventing flea infestation on horses. It protects sheep against maggot fly infestation. The potent ingredient eradicates lice on sheep and goats. It controls ticks and fleas on dogs. Coopers Supadip is easy to apply and highly effective against major parasites on dogs and horses. When applied weekly, the dip helps in eradicating ticks and prevents tick infested diseases. It is easy to apply and acts quickly. 500ml

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