Training Aid

by Castano Equestrian Equipment
R 1,565.04

Adjustable to fit any size horse
Elastic and not rubber under the sheepskin, allows more freedom of movement

This training aid is a revolutionary lunging aid for horses that strengthens the back, stretches the top line and gently encourages the horse to work correctly.

It encourages the horse to work without using force.

An important difference between this lungeing aid and other schooling aids is that it does not create a rigidly fixed contact between the horse's mouth and the girth.

Schooling aids that allow this to happen are notorious for creating an over bent outline with the horse working too much on its forehand and too little from behind.

This training aid works to free the back muscles so that the horse can use them for balance, impulsion and support for both himself and the riders weight.

Useful for fit horses to maintain their muscle tone, it also helps youngsters begin their work in the right shape.

Designed for lungeing only.
Roller not included

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