by Equisupreme
R 428.42
Equisupreme Untye is an effective supplement which helps to keep your horse from tying-up and to finish stronger. The formulation helps to reduce muscle damage and fatigue which means muscles are able to work harder for longer. It also reduces lactic acid accumulation during intense exercise and shortens recovery time. Feed 25g twice daily as a maintenance dose or 50g - 75g twice daily starting 3 days before and ending 2 days following a high performance event. Sizes: 1kg. 

Guaranteed Analysis
Phosphorous 2.5g/kg (min)
Magnesium Oxide 5g/kg (min)
Vitamin E 2 500 IU/kg (min)
DMG 1 500 mg/kg (min)
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 2 500 mg/kg (min)
Chromium 600µg/kg (min)
Sodium 7.5g/kg (min)
Chloride 10g/kg (min)
CACO3 5g/kg (min)
Moisture 50g/kg (max)

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