Winter Tights

by Equine Culture
R 850.00

The Marvellous Range Tights Winter Edition are the exact same fabric as the original Marvellous tights but with a soft but light fleece lining. Which is perfect for those chilly days.

They are made out of a unique fitness fabric that has great compression qualities which help with circulation and muscle recovery. They have a full seat shape with silicone grip which gives you great grip in the saddle. The tights are beautifully sculpted to fit around the muscles of your legs and are detailed with our signature V-shaped waistband.   

These tights come with two pockets, one on each side that allows you to have the option to choose which side to have your phone or to alternate between the two. The fit of the waist is designed to feel tight when pulling them over your upper thigh/ bum, this is to prevent them from slipping or sliding down while riding, running or exercising. 

Available in Deep Navy

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