Aegis Riding Helmet

by Aegis
R 1,647.38
In order to pursue fashion and style, AEGIS created whole new equestrian helmet with both creativity and safety in mind. 

Z6’s body is manufactured from EPS which was developed in the USA. It is higher in density than average helmets. The material usage are 30% less, and recyclable. 

Z6 passes all kind of safety standards such as ASTM (USA) and CE (Europe). The following 6 innovations are also unique:
01. In-mould stainless mesh prevents penetration and increase heat dispersion.
02. Sweat eliminating design (USA Coolmax).
03. The bottom cloth increases a comfortable touch with the skin.
04. The YKK “4 points dual Y” buckles are very safe and easy to operate.
05. The exclusive size adjust system cover all head sizes.
06. Multi ventilation design enable adequate ventilation.

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